UDID Card 2024 – Online Apply & Download, Check UDID Card Status

UDID Card 2024 – Online Apply & Download, Check UDID Card Status

The UDID Card is an initiative by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, under the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD), Government of India. It aims to provide individuals with disabilities a unified identity card to streamline access to benefits and services. This card includes personal details, disability-related information, and a unique identification number. Explore the article below for further insights into the UDID Card.

What is UDID Card ?

The UDID Card is a distinctive identification intended for individuals with disabilities. It facilitates the implementation of diverse financial programs across various administrative levels—from village to national—while simplifying access to government benefits in India. This unique disability ID incorporates personal details, disability-related information, and a specific ID number. Its objective is to establish a comprehensive process for issuing a Universal ID and disability certificate that validates both identity and disability-related information seamlessly.

Unique Disability ID Card Details in Highlights

Name of the scheme UDID Card
Launched by Government of India
Ministry Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
Department Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD).
Objective To create a database of every disabled person
Mode online
Beneficiaries Disable Individuals
Official Website

Objectives of UDID Card

Here are the objectives of the UDID Card:

  1. Maintaining a nationwide database of people with disabilities and issuing unique disability identity cards to each individual.
  2. Promoting transparency, efficiency, and accessibility in the distribution of government benefits to individuals with disabilities.
  3. Facilitating monitoring of the overall financial and physical development of the beneficiaries.
  4. Enabling the government to develop and implement various programs for individuals with disabilities using the database.
  5. Ensuring the card’s functionality across all regions of India.

Features of UDID Card

Some of the key features of UDID Card are mentioned below:

  • Unique identification: Every person with a disability receives a unique identification number through the UDID Card, guaranteeing a separate and personalised record.
  • Online registration: To make the application procedure more accessible and efficient, people with disabilities can register for the UDID Card online.
  • Information about disabilities: The card gives authorities and service providers a uniform and transparent record by providing particulars regarding the kind and severity of the disability.
  • Simple access to government programmes: Possessing a UDID Card guarantees that people with disabilities can easily take advantage of the many subsidies, privileges, and perks offered by the government.
  • Services that are accessible: The UDID Card makes it simpler for people with disabilities to obtain a variety of benefits and services from both the government and private sectors.
  • Centralized database: The project intends to establish a focused and effective service delivery system by establishing a central database of individuals with disabilities.
  • Authentication tool: When obtaining services or benefits, the UDID Card is a trustworthy authentication instrument that helps to confirm information pertaining to a person’s disability.
  • Everything you need in one location: It is no longer necessary for people with disabilities to make several copies of different papers, store them, or carry them around because this card will gather all the necessary data and may be decoded by a reader.
  • Support for individuals with disabilities: The UDID Card helps to create an inclusive environment and fosters support for individuals with disabilities by offering a uniform identification mechanism. This card will be used to track the beneficiary’s overall financial and physical progress.

Documents Required

Following are the documents required for UDID Card

  • Scanned copy of
    • recent color photograph
    • identity proof
    • address proof
    • signature (optional)
    • disability Certificate (available only to people with disabilities for whom the appropriate authority has issued a certificate of disability)

Eligibility Criteria for UDID Card

To apply for a Unique Disability ID Card, a person must have one of the precise forms of disabilities specified in the Persons with Disabilities Act of 1995. Following is a list of disabilities:

  • Blindness: The term “blindness” refers to a condition in which an individual does not exhibit any of the following symptoms: complete blindness; visual acuity with corrective lenses of no better than 6/60 or 20/200 (Snellen); or a 20-degree or worse limitation in the field of vision.
  • Low vision: A person with low vision is one who receives regular refractive treatment but still has vision impairments. They plan or execute tasks with the help of an appropriate assistive technology by using their eyesight, or they may be able to do so.
  • Mental Retardation: Known specifically for IQ that is below average, mental retardation is a condition in which a person’s mental development is either stopped or incomplete.
  • Any type of cerebral palsy or physical impairment of the bones, joints, or muscles that significantly restricts the movement of the limbs is referred to as “locomotor disability.”
  • Leprosy-cured: A “leprosy-cured person” is a person who has been cured of leprosy but still experiences sensory loss in their hands and feet, as well as sensory loss and paresis in their eyes and eyelids, but not a clearly visible deformity; although they have visible deformities and paresis, they are still able to use their hands and feet to participate in normal economic activity; the term “leprosy-cured person” is interpreted as such.
  • Mental Illness: All mental conditions other than mental retardation are referred to as “mental illnesses.”
  • ‘Cerebral palsy’ is a phrase used to describe a group of non-progressive diseases in which a person has aberrant motor control posture due to brain injury acquired during pregnancy, the perinatal period, or early infant development.
  • Hearing Impairment: A loss of 60 dB or more in the better ear within the conversational frequency range is referred to as “hearing impairment.”

Application Process of UDID Card 2024

If you are willing to apply for UDID Card, follow the steps below for application process.

Application Process of UDID Card 2024
  • Select ‘Apply for Disability Certificate & UDID’ from the menu on the main page.
  • Provide your identity, employment, disability, and personal data.
  • Click “Submit” after uploading all necessary documents.

Steps to Download your E-UDID Card

The steps you must take in order to download your E-UDID card are listed below:

  • Go to the Unique Disability ID’s official website.
  • The home page will load before you.
  • On the homepage, click the links to obtain your e-disability card and e-UDID.
  • Following that, you will be presented with a login screen.
  • On the login screen, you need to input your birthdate, enrollment number, and captcha code.
  • After that, you have to click the login button.
  • The download option must now be chosen.
  • Your e-UDID and e-disability cards will be downloaded to your smartphone.

Track a UDID card’s Application Status

To find out the status of your UDID card application, follow the instructions listed below.

  • Go to the UDID Portal website.
  • Go to the ‘Application Status’ area in step two.
  • When submitting your application for a UDID card, include the special application reference number that was given to you.
  • To proceed safely, complete the captcha and answer any security questions.
  • To start the tracking procedure, enter the necessary data and then click the “Check Status” or a button akin to it.
  • The status of your UDID card application will be shown on the portal. Details like submission, verification, approval, and dispatch may be included in this.


Do I receive a UDID card to my home?

The address provided during online registration will be the mailing address for the UDID cards.

What is the duration required to acquire a UDID certificate?

After registering, the Unique Disability ID Card will be sent out in ten to fifteen days.

In what parts of India may I use my UDID card?

Yes, a person with a disability could use their UDID card as proof anywhere in India.

Who is eligible for a UDID Card?

Individuals with disabilities across India are eligible for the UDID Card. The disabilities covered include physical, intellectual, mental, and multiple disabilities as defined under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016.

Is there a fee for obtaining a UDID Card?

No, there is no fee for obtaining a UDID Card. It is issued free of cost to eligible individuals with disabilities.

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